Bridging the world through Singapore Pop SingPop nurtures a vibrant music scene that Singaporeans and the region are proud of SingPop envisions Singapore Pop music to bond and cohere communities, local and international, around shared music that touches hearts. Get in touch Facilitating knowledge in Singapore Pop SingPop is your contact point to understand the currents of Singapore pop SingPop links up experts and industry leaders, to provide authoritative insights on Singapore pop music — for media, policy-makers, researchers, analysts and writers. Get in touch Building Confidence in Singapore’s Pop Music SingPop is a premiere platform that defines and promotes Singapore pop music and talents SingPop discovers, curates and catalyses Singapore music, putting it on the world map. We grow passions and skills for musicians, mentor potential talents, support under-resourced artists, and publicly promote their accomplishments. Get in touch

As an Arts Charity, SingPop focuses on an evolutionary eco-system for Singapore’s pop music to flourish globally.

We are administered by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. View our Profile on the Charity Portal.

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Why Pop Music?

  • Pop music is a grassroots-driven musical art form that captures the fears, hopes and dreams of the common people.
  • Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have their own thriving pop music industries.
  • Our young musicians need mentorship, training, support and opportunities to grow our own pop music industry.


We facilitate exchange of resources, networks and partnerships to shape and transform the Pop Music industry for the future.


To flourish our clients’ potentials to innovate the Pop music industry requires fresh discoveries, courageous openness, and creative networking. We want a space where new musicians thrive.

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Raise Singapore’s profile in the Pop music industry globally as a cultural capital, ranging from production, performance, and broad- based education, as part of Singapore’s heritage.

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Time: 06.30 PM

SingPop Networking Night June 2022

Inviting all music professionals/ enthusiasts interested in meeting new friends in the industry.

Time: 08.30 PM

The In and Outs of A&R with Tat Tong

Curious about artistic branding? Come for our second engagement Webinar, featuring award-winning and Head of A & R for Sony Greater China — Tat Tong!

Time: 08.00 PM

Let your music be heard

Asian Pop Weekly and having Jocelle Koh, whom is also a label manager in Believe Digital (Taiwan) to share about her experiences dealing with local releases across the world, and achieving huge success in Greater China. We would like to welcome all avid musicians to join us on this webinar which will be hosted on our page to understand further how you can do it independently.


Governing Board Members

George Hwang

Board Member

Lorraine Low

Board Member

Frazer Neo Macken

Board Member, Treasurer

Desiree Jean Peh

Board Member, Vice Chairman

Terrence Huang

Founding Director, Board Member

Derrick Tham

Founding Director, Board Member

George Leong

Founding Director, Board Member, Chairperson

Key Officers

Lee Tuck-Leong

Key Officer, General Manager

Terrence Huang

Founding Director, Board Member

Derrick Tham

Founding Director, Board Member

George Leong

Founding Director, Board Member, Chairperson

Hubert Ng

Founding Director, Board Member
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