Highly talented and recognisably so despite his age, Hubert produced for artistes such as 陈晓东, NINE PERCENT 林彦俊,火箭少女,林芯仪,Portrait, Earth Patravee, Cold Cut Duo, 杨宝⻉, Bryson Lew, 那对夫妻,吴克群,小宇 (宋念宇), Jason Chen, Emma Heesters, with even a hand in the theme song for PUBG. He has since produced 28 chart-topping hits and was awarded Top 3 Popular Songs of The Year in 2017. He teaches as an adjunct lecturer in Taiwan’s leading media institution, Shih Hsin University. With the Young Producer of the year 2021 awarded by SCAPE, his social media presence is also no less than 5 million views, with 600k followers on Tiktok and 抖音 Douyin combined.