George has been a music producer, arranger and composer for over three decades. George was formerly a music producer-arranger in the A&R department at Rock Records Taiwan. He is best known for his music arrangement works for big hits like《追》by Leslie Cheung 张国荣 and《听 说爱情回来过》by Sandy Lam 林忆莲 . He also is the music arranger behind classic movie theme songs such as 《红玫瑰白白玫瑰》,《金枝玉叶》and《夜半歌 声》. George has also written and or produced songs for MayDay 五月天,Fish Leong 梁静茹, Alex To 杜德伟 and Sammi Cheng 郑秀文. He has received awards such as the Top Local Sound-Track (2003) and Artistic Excellence (2016) from COMPASS.