As an Arts Charity, SingPop serves a network for singers and their songs that would otherwise be unheard. Connect with other artists, produce your music, and let your voice be heard.

We are administered by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. View our Profile on the Charity Portal.
About SingPop

SingPop's DNA

Our Mission. Support stakeholders to create, develop, and market Singapore pop music, locally and then regionally. Advocate and advance for the cultural value of Singapore pop music through outreach, collaboration, and education.

Our Values. Visionary: Openness and insight into industry development to open new doors. Inter-dependent: Care and drive to support collaborations that grow the industry. Dynamic: Take ownership of creative visions with passion, initiative, and responsibility.

Our Vision. Create a vibrant and exciting pop music scene that is recognisably part of a cultural landscape that Singaporeans are proud to own.

How we can help

These are ways in which we can support local musicians to develop the Pop Music industry.

Support to produce and market a viable product

Programmes and guidance to help Singapore Pop Musicians launch their career.

Network and Marketing Resources

Provide network of public relations and marketing agents in local and overseas markets.

Artiste & repertoire (A&R) Directions

Conceptualisation of artiste’s image and music to feed market trends and needs.

Skills and experience to produce music to an international standard

Creative expertise from the previous generation of successful producers.

What We Do

To Create A Sustainable Future for Singapore Music

We facilitate exchange of resources, networks and partnerships to shape and transform the Pop Music industry for the future.

Audience Development

Public relations, marketing and distribution services for Singapore Pop Artistes to gain new local and international audiences.


Opportunities for mentorship, facilitating the transfer of skills and knowledge from one generation of musicians to the next.

Singapore identity

Collaborative workshops and initiatives to foster creativity towards a multi-cultural blend of Singapore style that Singaporeans own as theirs.