As an Arts Charity, SingPop focuses on an evolutionary eco-system for Singapore’s pop music to flourish globally.

We are administered by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth. View our Profile on the Charity Portal.
Our Objectives

To create a vibrant Singapore Pop Music Scene:

Raise Singapore’s profile in the Pop music industry globally as a cultural capital, ranging from production, performance, and broad- based education, as part of Singapore’s heritage.

Give Singaporeans a high-quality popular art form that they can identify with, by fostering intercultural experimentation from Malay, Chinese, Indian and other cultural sources.

Initiate projects or events to expose a broadest range of audience to Singapore Pop music.

Collaborate and cooperate with various government bodies, corporations, associations, societies and other entities to promote activities related to all aspects of Singapore Pop music.

Open different levels of access to the Pop music industry for youths and general hobbyists.

Run mentorship programmes, including networking with local and international Pop musicians.

Fulfilling our clients' aspirations

To flourish our clients' potentials to innovate the Pop music industry requires fresh discoveries, courageous openness, and creative networking. We want a space where new musicians thrive.

Multi-talent Performers

with hyphenated talents, like dancing and singing.

Inventive Collaborators

willing to cross genres and cultures.

New Artists

who need support to break into the industry.

Youths, students, and hobbyists

to find their serious passion for Pop Music.

What You Can Do

Believe in our musicians as cultural capital.

Corporate Philantropy

Keep us in mind when budgeting for corporate social responsibility.

Branding Sponsorship

Get an edge with product placement marketing.

Personal Donation

Any amount goes a long way in firing unquantifiable passion.