Hidden talents of new singers and song-writers have surfaced in Singapore over the last ten years. They are discovered mostly from talent competitions. For example, local universities host annual events that bring together Malaysian and Singaporean singers / song-writers. In our personal experience as competition judges, we find that the Malaysians sustainably produce quality Mandarin songs, while Singaporeans are stronger in the English language work. Yet in the last year, we have many already established English pop singers asking to break into the Mando-pop scene. There is potential for emerging Mando-pop artists has become regional and international stars.

We have the industry experience and connections to build succession plans for today’s high-value stars, and invest broadly in both improving quality of the artists’ craft in Mando-pop, and increasing the quantity of these artists with solid portfolio.

We would like to capture an existing pool of singer and songwriters, who are passionate about producing songs, but have not gained a visibility in the Mando-pop industry yet.

This project takes the form of a competition to allow new and emerging singers/ song-writers to show-case their work, work with mentors, participate in song-writing camps, create export-ready music, publish their work. Artists with good potential can have an opportunity to sign with an international label.

At the same time, we will produce a series of documentary to capture the process of creative song writing.

This project will interest:

For potential sponsors and collaborators, please contact us at info@singpop.sg

Interested supporters can donate towards this project at our Give.Asia Campaign.

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